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February 14, 2008


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Annabel Spore

You Tube is awesome. And I've just been made very happy today as I've just realised you can now view ALL You Tube videos on your phone.

Great as it means where ever you are as you can show prospective customers, client or friend your cool new advert, music promo or wedding vid. Brilliant.

Jennifer O'Meara

Web video marketing is powerful. If corporations are fearful of sharing video on YouTube, they can use the techniques you described to improve their own internal corporate communications. Video is a powerful way to reinforce messaging and it does not need to be a complicated "thing" to produce.

Webmaster Lening Geld Lenen

Okay, good stuff... But very time intense for use, a Google channel would be a good start :)

Steph Stanton

It's simply amazing how YouTube has become such a big part of our entertainment and, now, our business! I've seen several people use Camtasia Studio for creating great videos. An example is James Brausch, who uses the program for all of his
intern how-to videos. Are there other video editing programs you recommend?


I love YouTube, but I haven't pursued posting any videos there myself, primarily because of concerns that a less-than-professional looking video will do more harm than good.


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Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon

This reminds me of the news interviews and produced news segments I did years ago in radio. The only element that's added is the video component, other than that there doesn't seem to be anything new (maybe what's old is new again?). And it also is something that TV stations will do if they don't have a camera on the person they're interviewing.

For someone who's new to video editing, this could become a very time-consuming project, especially with the amount of post-production it appears that is used in your example.

Still, it's a solid idea that doesn't seem to be used much these days. I'd urge folks to practice with their video-editing software and see what they come up with!

Back in 'the day,' I used to create audio 'news blimps' (as we called them) where we'd take a news story and perhaps an interview or two and splice and dice the interview in with relevant rock and roll lyrics. The finished product was usually 4 or 5 minutes long, contained snippets of a handful of songs and was to my way of thinking a damn creative way to deliver a news story. Hey, with the music background and cut-ins, you could even hum or sing along with it!

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