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February 07, 2008


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» Personal Branding Online from Biz Tips Blog: Internet Marketing Tips
David Meerman Scott has a post today announcing the new masthead (banner) on his blog Web Ink Now. He talks about the importance of personal branding on the web and why you need to pay attention to your visual image and be consistent. After nearly 4 ye... [Read More]


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Joe Pulizzi, Junta42

Love it David. Doug did a nice job. Design is such an important element of the content process. We used to say in the magazine business that the purpose of the cover was to make someone turn the page. You can't do that without great design. Well done.


Lizzie Azzolino

David -- I very recently began to create a "personal brand" online, via blogging, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. The masthead looks great, but I don't have anything to compare it to, as a new reader! I was in the audience in Dr. Russell's WOM class today, and you've definitely got a new follower in me. I'm looking forward to finishing "New Rules" and following your blog. I'm glad I could ask you a "tough" question -- "What organizations are most effectively making use of the new rules of marketing?" I've been exploring IBM's many blogs. Thanks for the advice and for your time today!

Mike Sigers

Great new design !

Doug's done a helluva job, just as he did with your books.

Grant D. Griiffiths

David -- Love the new banner for the blog. Good job.

Nettie Hartsock

I like the green!!!

Krishna De

David - I think the upgraded blog header is really energetic - I'll now have a mental picture of you typing furiously.

Here I was thinking that you put your feet up all day watching your Amazon sales $ rolling into your bank account and checking now and again your servers did not go down as a result of all the downloads of your free ebooks!

Bringing your personal brand to life through your visual identity online is always challenging. You and Doug have done a great job.

And carrying your personal brand visual identity through all places you are online is something of a challenge - I know as I am working through that with my designer at the moment.

You might want to think how this can be represented in your home page on Twitter too?

Randy - 1429 Creative

I enjoy it as well....I like the whimsical cartoon next to the bold typeface.

Bill Gluth, Creative Thinker for Business

Excellent new masthead, David. It conveys energy, tells anyone who doesn't know you what you do and gives me an interesting feel for the name, Web Ink Now.

It conveys an excellent, new personal brand.

Bill Gluth

Shama Hyder

Hi David,

Honest opinion- Love the style of the banner. Not sure if I love the green and orange.

Doug Eymer

David ::
Thank you for the very kind words. As a designer, I have to credit great clients. I couldn't do what I do, if I didn't have fearless clients like you.

Thank you also for getting the word out. I am always on the prowl for fun and challenging projects.


Shama ::
Green is the most difficult color to sell. Give yourself some time and it will grow on you -- but not like a moss.

Philippa Kennealy

I like the old-fashioned look, with the typewriter going crazy and the appropriate font spewing out - it's an interesting paradox that conveys the idea that old-school marketing (like writing "thought leadership" articles etc) should not be discarded, but instead be married to the new marketing tools that Web 2.0 has to offer.
Being of Irish origin, I like the green (lushness, money??), white (clarity??) and orange (RSS feed??) :-)

Mike Ashworth

I think the guy at the typewriter really portrays your brand well and I feel the same as Philippa about the Organe. I thought RSS feed colour too.

Great work by Doug.

Mike Ashworth
Business Coaching and Consultancy
Brighton and Hove, Sussex, UK


personally, i prefer the old masthead. I thought it was easier to read and the subheader/tagline was much more professional and legible.

Cynthia Morris

Love it! It's been awhile since I've been to the blog and my first thought was WOW! Great masthead. Very powerful visually!

Sandra Mendoza-Daly

Love it! But then again, I love anything vintage or retro.

But I think the little guy really represents the energy you bring to your blog. Although I'm not so sure you type that frantically. You seem like more of a zen knowledge worker ;P

Mark R. Hinkle

I like the new header, I love the fifties style carton on a new media blog there's an interesting theme there between the old and the new rules that's very clever.

Rebekah Donaldson

1. I am contacting Doug!

2. LinkedIn -- there doesn't seem to be any trace of you on their network. Are you waiting to see, or did you bail out of it?

I'm posting the Q here because this thread has an earlier comment @ personal branding.

Do tell me to butt out if you need to, but inquiring minds are, well... inquiring.

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