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January 20, 2008


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Michael A. Stelzner

This little mouse things ebooks and white papers are actually more closely related than you mention :)

The nerdy white paper is so 1990.

In the consumer world the ebook goes viral. In the business world, the white paper goes viral. Not a hard and fast rule, but one that I generally believe.


Dharmesh Shah

This is very, very timely.

I think too many businesses are convinced viral marketing is at one of two extremes:

1. Only for YouTube videos and targeted at high-school students.

2. More like buying a lottery ticket and hope it works.

This ebook takes a pragmatic look at viral marketing. There's an idea in there for everyone.

Thanks for sharing (and mentioning me in the book).



David Meerman Scott

Michael, you're right IF companies follow your advice.

However many just print their brochures on white paper and call it a "white paper." Then readers get turned off and have a tendency to say "all white papers suck".


Joel Heffner

The story on pages 5-7 alone is worth more than you get in most books on PR and marketing!

Kyle Matthew Oliver

The e-book looks great, David. Doug did a terrific job with the design work.

For what it's worth, my favorite section is pp. 17-19; I can't get enough of that venture capitalist analogy.


Sasha T

As always you have something smart to say and there is not better way to deliver your thoughts then through a free ebook.

I believe that the next step is writing a paper book on viral marketing? ;)


Sasha T.

Chad B. Holmes

Great ebook. So many professionals are still leaving viral communication out of their com strategies. You really boiled it down to a quick read that makes it easy to start planning for viral communication. Thanks for making it free.

Sharon Lee

Hi David,

These days, with all the marketing garbage out there -- even stuff that costs hundreds of dollars -- it's extremely refreshing to find someone who actually delivers (make that OVERdelivers!!) on their promises... and free no less. :-)

There have been very few marketers who I can honestly say have a profound difference to my business... Mark Joyner, James Brausch, Jay Abraham... But after reading your book, I believe I may have to add David Meerman Scott to that short list. :-)

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information!

Best regards,
Sharon L.


Thanks for the ebook! I recently read your New Rules for Marketing and PR, and I am so happy I did. As a recent graduate, there is a lot of learning that needs to be done during the first few years in the career world. If I just listened to these guys who have been doing it for 20 years, I could kiss my career goodbye in six months. Now, I can begin to position myself as an expert in new media. Thanks again for continuing to write all of these books, because they are not teaching this in the classroom.


Thanks for posting this ebook! Viral marketing is SO important today on all fronts.



Your ebook should get a good mousekeeping stamp of approval. Very useful and a nice read. Thanks for helping to get out the message that social media marketing is affordable, measurable and effective - and not just for the youth-tube market.


Raj Khera

Good book with very useful examples. I'm curious about how the viral marketing for your book is working out so far. Several people have blogged about it and I'm sure many have spread the word in their circles - I know I have. Could you share how many downloads you got the first day and up through now?


Thank you David for yet another fabulous ebook. Your previous ebook on the new rules of pr changed the way I worked with my clients and your book on the same topic is on the shelf next to all my other pr, writing bibles. The information you've provided here is so valuable. I've just finished writing my own ebook to upload to my blog and I'm a little terrified of the response to say the least, but just reading your ebook has given me renewed confidence. Here's hoping, I do you proud and that maybe you will want to take a peek at it after it's uploaded and give me your opinion. I’m going to institute all of the viral marketing tips you’ve given here and will definitely alert my list and clients to your new ebook. Thanks again for all of the great info.


David Meerman Scott

Tynisha - go for it. And good luck.

Raj - the number of downloads so far has been amazing. I'll blog about it tomorrow or the next day.

Thanks, David

Pamela Seiple

Can't wait to download this! Currently working on "The New Rules for Marketing & PR" and loving it! Props to your for free, educational material!



Hi David,

Shiva from India. I have been looking into Viral Marketing and came across your blog. I downloaded and found you viral marketing book very interesting. I figured that I have been using a quasi viral marketing approach for my personal blog (http://shiva-justbe.blogspot.com) especially with word of mouth means to get more traction and also distribution. Any thoughts if there is a need for a more refined approach for personal or rather non-professional, non-business blogs?

Jim Scherr

David, Bought your book back when we started the website Aug. 07. Thought it was very informative and we have set up a viral marketing campaign, pending our release this month. Just read you viral marketing piece and I would have liked to see a better example of viral mkting other than Harry Potter, which is a layup. Look foward for more info in the future. Thanks, Jim

Marketing Integrity

Just finished reading your new e-book. Some excellent tips and ideas - thanks David!

You conclude it well on page 31..."What do you have to lose?"! There is no better endorsement than a positive customer referral. People won’t endorse your product or service unless they are impressed. I believe that drawing on that emotion is one of the most powerful marketing tools we as business owners (and marketers) have at our disposal. If more companies empowered creativity and took it seriously, they would experience the excitement and genuine viral marketing success.
David T.


your e-book about marketing is good and the information which you have provided will be very useful to the marketing people and it gives good idea for beginners also.


Nice e-book on viral marketing. yes it is the single and most powerful tool available in the market today. viral marketing is the quickest way to market a website. useful ebook looking for more updates on these, thank you.


For our first eBook, it'd be interesting to include a bunch of quotes I've seen in the press from analysts, CIOs, managers, programmers, etc. - a bunch of folks in our target market. Do you know whether approval is needed in order to use the quotes? Getting this might be a big hassle - so wondering if there are circumstances where it's not necessary (for example, if something's published, and an attribution is made to the original source/date?)

thank you in advance,

P.S.: Loved your eBook!

David Meerman Scott

ilya -

1. If you see the quotes in a press release, you can use them without asking (as long as you use the quote exactly and not out of context.)

2. If you see it somewhere else (like in a news story or on a web site) you will need to get permission for a long quote.

3. There are situations where you can use quotes without asking that fall under "fair use" in the US. Here is the Wikipedia entry. I am not a lawyer, so you will need to wade through this yourself http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_use



Viral Marketing

Excellent book, the basic premise will never change, even long after the medium has changed 1000 times.

Andy C. Szul

Great stuff. We recently launched an online-based editing service and found your tips especially helpful.


Thanks David! I just read your Viral Mktg e-book from cover to cover! I sent links to the e-book to many people. Loved the case studies about Harry Potter, IBM viral videos, and the websitegrader.com
Seriously impressed by all the material you put together and you won me over as a believer in the power of e-books. Youll be pleased to know i just bought your book "the new rules" and i am looking forward to reading it. thanks again! Ilana


Interesting to Viral Marketing:

"First inspire, then play"

Frank Magdans 19.07.2008
The maker of Internet puzzles Aladygma about indie games, web art and Viral Marketing

Stephen Palmer

David, I love your work and this is an excellent e-book.

I'm curious to know who your designer was. Can you point me in his/her direction?


David Meerman Scott

Doug Eymer

Gory Bateson

Check out Gory Bateson's latest music video, "Is that Viral Enuf 4 U," at:


r4 kartes 

Viral marketing idea sounds good....can you fill me in more?


Thanks for the information. I like your perspective. I mainly think of online video when I think of viral marketing. Still Im open to other ideas. Right now I currently post a large percentage of my video to http://www.Adwido.com because of the traffic they can create with targeted keywords and for the obvious viral effect possibility. Plus they're Free to join.


I like the sentence "word-of-mouse spreads" :)
How about marketing free at http://www.adwido.com like websites?

Expert eMarketing Tips

World’s Top Internet Marketing, Social Media and Online Business Books you should have read but haven’t yet: http://htxt.it/ghrb

Patrick Long

I have downloaded this ebook. I am going to read it this weekend. The first few pages look good.

My favorite viral marketing tip: keep the customers happy and they'll talk!


I wonder if any of the commenters actually opened the pdf. It was full of blank pages, unembedded fonts, and messed up formatting. I guess I won't help it go viral...

David Meerman Scott

jd - I have no clue what you are talking about. The PDF has been downloaded over a million times and this is the very first time anyone has said that.

Could you try downloading it again?


James Strock

Hi David--I'm having same problem as JD--and I took the additional step of doing adobe reader repair/restart and am still not able to get it correctly or print... sorry to bear the tidings...on the other hand if it's me (and JD)sorry to bother you.... Best, Jim

David Meerman Scott

James & JD - I just don't know what to say. This ebook is downloaded hundreds of time each day and of a million downloads so far, this is the first I am hearing of it.

Send me your email address and I will email you a file that I know is not corrupt.

Best, David

Ajf 4

I do not like work ---no man does --but I like what is in the work -----the chance to find your self. (Conrad Joseph, British novelist)

big white


I adore your website - nice job!

quail hill

I share ideas that will help you create your own viral marketing strategies and campaigns.

their website

Thanks for the book link.. I will download it later tonight as i am into viral marketing nowadays. I hope it offers something useful for telemarketers as well.

profesional web design

Thanks for the great post. Hope you all have a great start.

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