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January 14, 2008


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For title, how about just 'Guru' ;-)

Glenn Nicholas

Nick might painstakingly avoid stepping into his own trap of using the word solution...

But if we are looking at blather as it is practiced by analysts and consultants, what about the far more serious crime of 'misue of the enterprise word in job titles'. Google says guilty I think: "nick selby" +enterprise


How about just "Marketing Strategist"? Haven't we reached the point where all of this is simply marketing?

On the subject of "gobbeldygook corpo-speak." What about the use of the word "process"? To quote Selby: "I use this blog to record several types of information I gather in this process..."

Everything is a "process." People use this word to make whatever they are talking or writing about seem more important than it really is: the marketing process, the writing process, the process of management...

What about just saying marketing or writing or management?

For the record, Mr. Scott makes this mistake throughout his fantastic book "The New Rules of Marketing & PR."

To wit: In the process of reading his book, I was greatly enlightened vis-a-vis the possibilities of the viral marketing process...haha.

Gobbeldygook of the worst kind.

Tony Darrick Baker

Sounds like a job for a job title generator.


But seriously though. David I would classify you as:

Philosopher of Humanity Online
Online Human Behavior Philosopher
Interconnected Human Behaviorist

Dianna Huff

David, Funny post! Thank you. And we're all guilty of gobbledygook -- it creeps up on you like mold.

Lisa Solomon

David, you might want to talk to whoever is running your AdWords campaigns. I just googled The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and the top (sponsored) result says "David Meerman Scott Thought Leadership Strategist."

Nic Darling

Weary of similar decision making and finding my official title a little boring, I have taken to inventing new professions at networking events and seminars. The end result is people talk to you, even if only to ask what the hell your name tag means. This conversation seems like the important part to me.

Recent Titles:
Meta Marketer

David Meerman Scott

Good ones, Nic.

At a recent event, I saw someone with a nametag that said

"Hello, my name is..

People were talking to him!

Susan Rubinsky

Geek is nice but Dork is better. Dorks have a higher level of concsciousness about themselves than geeks do. Dorks understand that they are geeks but that they must find some kind of way communicate with all the Corporates to attempt to get buy-in for new marketing initiatives.

Seriously, I've been using "Internet Marketing Strategist" for about 6 months now and it's the best one I've some up with yet. It sounds Corporate but it's about something new. Serious Dork territory.

Randy Marks

Holy Crap-A-Rooni!! My RSS has been carpet bombed by the same post for weeks on end. If this post was a horse we would shoot it.

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