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December 06, 2007


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Jack Covert

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed, we did too.

Les Tuerk

It was great meeting you and everyone else. I thought I was going there to educate, but ended up learning. Doesn't get better than that.

Phil Gerbyshak

David - Love the way you used the picture to tell a story. Nicely done!

I'll definitely be back there next year, and I look forward to seeing you again too! You're a fount of knowledge, and have moved onto my "keeper" list. Thanks for sharing as freely as you do!

Erika Andersen

David -

I never got the chance to say it when we were there - so: congratulations on the wonderful response to your book! And I loved the medium-is-the-message-ness of you succeeding by using the very approaches about which you wrote. How gratifying that must be.

I'll see you there next year...


Barbara Cave Henricks

It was a great event and terrific to sit on one of those funky couches with you as we hung out and learned. Since you write about what I do, I was doubly intimidated to present PR from a guy who'd written a whole BOOK about how to do it, but you couldn't have been more gracious. I am duly impressed with your blogging strategy and plan to buy your book to learn more. Best, Barbara

Kevin Eikenberry

David - What a great event - and having the chance to visit with you was one of the many highlights for me! I learned alot from you and I look forward to conintuing to learn from my favorite A list blogger.

Thanks again - I look forward to collaborations and conversations and seeing you next year!

Kevin :)

David Meerman Scott

Thanks all for your comments. What an awesome group - we all learn from each other.

Barbara -- I'm convinced that the bottom up stuff I do combined with the top down approach that you are so good at would be an amazing combination!

Best, David

Jack Covert


Thanks for the nice words and also thank you for coming. It really was a cosmic time. Thanks for joining us.


Rajesh Setty


It was a pleasure meeting with you in-person.

Look forward to more conversations in the future.



It was great talking with you David. I wish I had done so earlier. When you read that paragraph for the writing assignment out loud, I almost fell out of my chair. I'm glad I read you mine first, because I couldn't have followed that.


Mike Kanazawa


What an inspiring story about how you brought your book into the world.

I'll definitely be looking to apply the new rules of PR as we shift gears from writing into launching our new book next year.

Thanks for sharing so freely with everyone.


AnnaMaria Turano

Hi David-

It was great to hear your expert insight on the role of blogging and other interactive marketing medium.

And, congrats on the recognition as a best business book in John Moore's Brand Autopsy blog today!


Jose Castillo

Flashback indeed. Great stuff and a pleasure to connect with you David.

Keep it spicy.


Les Tuerk

Umm, actually my posting was mis-credited above. here is what I said:

It was great meeting you and everyone else. I thought I was going there to educate, but ended up learning. Doesn't get better than that.

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