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December 12, 2007


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Being a graphic designer, I adored this. It would be funny, if it wasn't so TRUE!

DH Wall

Remember, it's not the size of your logo that matters. It is how you use it.

I wonder when drop shadow creme is coming out.

Pete Brand

That video is awesome! What a way to wrap up every single "great idea" we get when the client wants to take creative control! :)

I believe we might start to show this to every client as we begin our jobs. Thanks for sharing.

Shama Hyder

LOVE IT! Thank you for posting this.

= )

Brian Halligan

hilarious video!!

Custom Logo Design

Hi David,
Thanks for the video.

tinggi badan

We are proud to be some of the best-qualified geeks around. We can't keep your client from asking you to make their logo bigger than Texas, but when it comes to websites we can help. Make My Logo Bigger Cream might be fake, but we are not."

company logo design

Well don't know whats going on but its not a Good way to do this. in my opinion we have to look again about this issue

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