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Posted by David Meerman Scott 06:06 AM on November 12, 2007

UPDATE - November 13, 2007

I was contacted by Matt Browner-Hamlin, the Internet Communications Coordinator for US presidential candidate Chris Dodd, who encouraged me to check out his site for inclusion in this post. I agree with Matt – the site is clean and easy to navigate. Thanks also to Kelly Monaghan who first commented on the Dodd site.

Chris Dodd



The online media room (sometimes called a press room or press page) is the part of your organization's Web site that you create specifically for the media. In some organizations it is simply a list of news releases with contact information for the organization's PR person. But many companies and nonprofits have elaborate online media rooms with a great deal of information available in many different formats: audio, video, photos, news releases, background information, financial data, and much more.

I've always said that the online media room is a great front door for your organization, not just for the media, but for your buyers too. And the online media room is terrific (and free) search engine marketing tool.

So now that the US Presidential candidates are in full bluster, wouldn’t it be fun to take a look at their online media rooms (in a non-political way) and vote for the best?


In general, I think the candidates have done a great job in putting their online media rooms together. What a huge difference from just four years ago! These media rooms help voters as well as the media.

Here are some of the better known candidates' online media rooms in alphabetical order by last name:

Hillary Clinton

John Edwards

Rudy Giullani

Dennis Kucinich

John McCain

Barack Obama

Fred Thompson

OK, my vote goes to John Edwards online media room. He has multi-media content and he recognizes the importance of bloggers. Second best in my opinion is John McCain followed by Barack Obama.

What do you think? (Remember, this is not a political vote. It is just for the online media room). Feel free to do a "write in" for a media room of another candidate not mentioned here (but please include a link).

Tip of the hat to Vince Bank for suggesting this. Check out Vince's post where he goes into much more detailed analysis of the candidates' media rooms and also see his grades for each.

All organizations can learn by checking out the candidates' online media rooms. Imagine if your company's online media room looked like these? Would your business improve?

David Meerman Scott

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