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November 12, 2007


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What a very interesting subject ...

I'm inclined to agree with you - John Edwards' media room is much more 'social' than the others, and I like the way he has an RSS central, pulling all the feeds together in one place without forcing the reader to accept everything indiscrimately. He also has a helpful Technical Corner to explain things like podcasts and vlogs. (And I like the categories in his blog).

I love the 'look' of the McCain site, though the Media Kit could contain a lot more than simply photos.

Neither of these two sites is available in more than one language (unlike the Obama site and the Clinton site), which I think is a wasted opportunity.

The Obama site I discarded very quickly, though seeing how positive you were, I went back and looked again ... I still think he should create a proper media room, rather than put everything at secondary level in the navigation.

But he does have a social element, and both he and Clinton enable the visitor to create a blog. At the Edwards site, you can only create a fundraising page. I wonder what happens to "anti" posts placed on the Obama/Clinton sites? Do you suppose someone has overall editorial responsibility, and reads everything?

The rest are definitely also rans.

So I suppose my vote goes to the Edwards Media Room. Shame I don't have a real vote (I'm not a US citizen) ...

Robert McIntosh

I remember what you said David in your 'New Rules of PR' book that online really reduces the information distribution channel - content right in the reader's PC. It's empowering to note that the average reader gets this information the same time the news organizations do - so we can form our own opinions with the same content.
I like John Edwards - simple, easy to navigate, followed by Hillary's. But since I'm from Canada I can't vote, so it really is just observation.
Keep up the amazing work you do...

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Lucy and Robert,

My wife is a Japanese citizen so I know what you mean about not having a vote. Even though she pays taxes here in the US, she cannot choose the country's leaders.

Cheers, David


Last month, WIRED Magazine ran a comparison of six candidates' websites: http://www.wired.com/politics/law/magazine/15-11/st_campaignsites

It's about their total online efforts (not just media rooms), but the piece does a nice job getting across the message that reaching an internet audience is very important in campaigns these days.

It's also a fun read and brings up an interesting issue: Will the candidates have the smarts to keep up their internet presence after the primaries?

Kelly Monaghan

Hey, what about Connecticut's favorite son, Chris Dodd?


I give it points for its clean, uncluttered look, which could be a way of saying there's not enough there.

A shame, too, that it's not better integrated with the Dodd blog, run by Matt Browner-Hamlin, one of the best political bloggers in the business. Matt cut his teeth at Connecticut's My Left Nutmeg blog, widely credited with helping propel Ned Lamont to victory in the Dem primary over Lieberman.


Karley Jones

I think John Edwards should be president. He hs the best plan for Global Warming, and the most reason and understanding of the people in this country!!VOTE FOR JOHN EDWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciara Price

JOHN EWDARDS!!!!!!I think John has all his ideas ready for action and yes understands the problems all of them and is the best for the Climate crisis.


What do I think? I think a discussion about the current candidates and their use of the Internet is ridiculous if it excludes Ron Paul.


Why is Ron Paul not on this list?

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