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November 01, 2007


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Oritseyemi Emmanuel Madamedon

What else can I say. Every post on this site is gold!

Your books cashing in with content and The new rules of marketing and PR are indeed a must for anyone who is serious about doing business online.
Great,classic books !

Oritseyemi Emmanuel Madamedon

David Meerman Scott

To Oritseyemi Emmanuel Madamedon -

Now what else can I say? "Every post on this site is gold!" is quite a comliment. Thanks for taking the time.

All the best to you. David

Donna St. Jean Conti

What a fascinating concept, especially when we are taught to use only positive headlines and leads. I see, though, how a negative headline can work to pique someone's interest, so that they HAVE to see what the post is about. Another great post! Thank you.

Internet Marketing Blog

I've tried negative headlines on a few of my sites and it's worked well on two of them.

Tatiana Tugbaeva

I have always been taught to use only positive headlines because a negative message "scares your audience away." But I can see how negative headline or lead play with someone’s curiosity. My first reaction to "do not read this blog post" was to click on it and read it! I must try this technique now. Thank you!

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