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November 26, 2007


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Jennifer O'Meara

David - Nice quote and great timing. I'm currently reading "The New Rules of Marketing and PR," and I've been a follower of Web Ink Now!" Great stuff! Small businesses can easily create and deploy web video marketing campaigns.

Sergey Rusak

Are you planning to attend Gilbane conventin in Boston (November 27-29)?


You think you know everyone in the space, and then you read a weak WSJ piece and find a video of someone who knows about what he's speaking. Nice interview- great simplification and analysis. Glad to have found your blog. I wasn't crazy about Flandez's article (just blogged about it) but the Brightcove video was "must watch" for people interested in this emerging area.

Cece Salomon-Lee

The article highlighted some interesting viral videos. As my company has a niche B2B site for content, I'm curious with your thoughts on this: Do you think the model will move from "amateur" to more "pro" videos out of necessity for the platforms to justify costs? And do you think people will actually pay for the more pro content? If so, how will this change the landscape for "viral" videos?


David, great work! Love your book, too. It has helped me with to get "out of the box" while markeing my clients. Many of them are in healthcare, which is a slippery slope sometimes.


HI David

Great points about viral video..today everyone wants to go viral..hence all the lousy video.

Check out Lawson Software..not a bad attempot at viral in a dry b2b space (IBM does it well as you pint out)..I can even laugh at it as their poking fun at my company.


Rina Ward

Hi David

"Inviting your customer communities to submit video" - now that's one great idea you mentioned in Chapt 18.

Since we sell sports drinks mainly to runners and triathletes I have brainstormed some video contest ideas where customers can send us video clips such as
* their most priceless race finish-line clip
* their best training tips
* a video on flat tire repair (maybe winner goes to the fastest?)
Contest winners will then be given our free product:-) Wish us luck!

David Meerman Scott

Rina - your contest sounds terrific. Please keep me updated.

Cece - while many people may go to specialists to help out with videos, one of the charms of these things is that they aren't done in the message-driven BUY MY PRODUCT shouting way that the 30-second spot is done. So the use of pros needs to be done carefully.

Thanks all for reading my stuff.


Martin Diano

I read the book in advance of going to Blog World in November.

While at Bolg World your name and this book was mentioned in two of the sessions I attended.

A excellent read.

Martin Diano


Good Day David!

I reviewed "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" a few weeks ago in Borders. I found it interesting,thought-provoking and real.

I am not easily influenced, however, through the content in your book you earned my attention before I found this site today. So I look forward to acquiring and recommending your products.

Thanks and Be Blessed!
Rv-Independent Publicist

Stephen Sidlo

Great book, I love the layout so i can revisit certain chapters when I'm stuck, and cheers for commenting on mine when I mentioned you!!

Thank You.

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