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November 16, 2007


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Hi Dave,
(great book)
What are the new rules of marketing and pr position on “refer a friend” programs?
Quite simply, I sell a product that has very little opportunity of repeat sale to the same customer. Referrals from existing customers are very important to us and I want to reward customers who refer new customers to us. It works like this, (basic message to existing customer) if you refer a new customer to us we will give the new customer a discount on their purchase and we give you (the existing customer) a cash back cheque.
To many this “refer a friend” is old hat. I see it as a way to say thanks to an existing customer for referring a new customer.
Views on this topic would be appreciated.
Have a happy...

David Meerman Scott


In my opinion, the best refer-a-friend happens because people love your product and want to tell otherts, not because of bribes. Make it easy to refer a friend, to encourage genuine referrals.

The cash back thing just seems sleazy and old school to me.

But, there may be certain markets and certain buyer personas where it works.

Best, David

Paul Levy


I am unclear on how you get a blog listed on DeepBlog. Can you pls advise?

(Finished the book. Thanks very much! It was excellent.)


Paul Levy

I'm on! Thanks very much. I assume you had something to do with this . . .

David Meerman Scott

You deserve it, Paul. Your blog is great. (It is going to be featured in my next book).

Best, David

Sergey Rusak

DeepBlog is a good resource to find popular blogs but i would like to call it blog directory.

Also, i think that in some cases it is possible to find even better resources...

In fact i have a list where you can find over 200 blog directories and networks.
http://www.manhattanservice.com/network/blog-directories/ which are similar to DeepBlog


Dave - To get up to speed on what is being written about a topic in the blogosphere, I'd say that the best tool is probably Zuula, http://www.zuula.com .

With Zuula, you can quickly get results for the same query from eight different blog search engines. And you also can query and get results from four different news search engines.


This is another great example of why SEO blogging is great... I depend on you great folks to bring all these great resources to my attention. Thanks.

David Bressler


Why not track who refers people, and figure out a way to promote/recognize people who recommend the most other people. Not sure where it would go, but it almost seems like the aggregators that work for politicians. I think motivation can be money based, but also recognition based. Maybe next time you have a product, or if someone else has one, you (or they) will go to the best aggregators and give them a "free one" because the sellers know the aggregator has a lot of influence.

Just a thought.


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