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October 02, 2007


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Kami Huyse

Very cool tool. I wasn't wowed by the articles there today, but I am sure it will get better. I hope that they add an RSS feed for this, I didn't see one.


Thanks for checking us out. We already offer an RSS feed (look for the RSS icon in the top). In regards to the quality of the articles, that also depends on whether people are writing great content. Some days are better than others. Plus, we have got some tweaking to do to make the algorithm better and better.

Sandra Mendoza-Daly

I'm not seeing the RSS icon either.

Mike Volpe

Very cool. I have been waiting for a more marketing focused version of Digg, or a better way to find out the "best" stuff that is going on for marketing on the web.

It will be very interesting to see how content develops over time, and if some of the best content (like from Seth and Copyblogger) is always up there, or if it really does discover really good stuff that you would not have found otherwise.

And unfortunately as soon as this site starts to drive a lot of traffic people will game it (just like Digg...)


Thank you guys - you made my day. I'm a marketer just like you...my earlier site was MarketingSqueeze.com and Blog.MindValleyLabs.com.

SocialRank came from a lot of our own frustations as marketers.

Now about the issue of gaming. We designed the system from the begining to be harder to game than sites like Digg.

Our previous site was BlinkList.com - and we spent many long nights battling spammers. We learned a lot from this.

SocialRank is designed to be far more spam proof than many other services out there.

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