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October 24, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Seinfeld on Marketing - check out this terrific free ebook :


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Recruiting Animal

I see that Kramer's picture is there. Is it politically correct for me to read the book?

Jonathan Bostrom

Good read. Yet another example of how inescapable marketing is.

Jimmy Vee


This is a great post and I read this report about a month ago. Great stuff.

I used this e-book and some insight I got from your book to create an e-book called, "The Magic Of Customer Attraction: 7 Powerful Marketing Secrets Used By Illusionist David Copperfield That Can Conjure Cash In A Flash And Make Your Debt Disappear."

I also launched a press release to promote it to coincide with Copperfield's big legal debacle. Results were really good.

I also bloged about your great input. Thanks!

Jimmy Vee

Free eBook

Nice book. I'll read it.
Thanks for the free ebook.

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