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October 15, 2007


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ian alexander

First off, you should velcro a highlighter to your latest book. Ours looks like a college textbook after being passed around the office.

Changing the mindset of CMO's approving that screaming for the sale vs. paying for content generation/management is yet another hurdle.

Eric Eggertson

I have to agree. It's hard enough to get people out of the old school mindsets without the analysts and research companies reinforcing them.

ian alexander

You lost me there. I wasn't reinforcing but rather pointing out the fact that convincing organizations to move away standard Mar-Com "buy,buy,buy" speak to more useful content:success stories, case studies, Q/A's is not always an easy sell.

Shaun Dakin


Another spot on comment. Whenever I have conversations with my old buddies in the "real world" they talk about spending weeks on press release writing / copy review / legal review etc.. and only when there is "real" news.

As you know, I'm a big believer in your methods and my site is now tops in Google search because of my blogging about interesting things.

As an aside, I had a very bad experience at Southwest airlines last week and started a blog. My posts are now beating SW's own posts!


Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder

Southwest Blog

David Meerman Scott

Ian, Eric, Shaun,

Thanks for your comments. A few others picked up on this post and blogged about it too.

However, I note that nobody from Forrester has commented or reached out to me.


Jeremiah Owyang

David, I saw this the day it was published, and passed it on to the right folks.

Yes, we see this!

Jeremiah, a new Forrester Analyst

David Meerman Scott

Hi Jeremiah,

Great. Thanks for leaving a comment here and for letting me and my readers know!

Take care, David

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