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September 15, 2007


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Dharmesh Shah

I've often wished I could "retract" an article posted in error.

So, what I did in our custom HubSpot blog application was put an intentional delay of a few minutes before articles go out on the RSS feed. This way, if I post an article, but need to make a quick change just after hitting the "Post" button, I still have a chance to do it.

This has saved me multiple times.

I'm surprised WordPress, Blogger and TypePad haven't put something like this in place yet.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Dharmesh

Great idea for a short delay!

I enjoyed meeting Mike and Brian last week.


Ian Lamont

David, I never knew you were this deep into space memorabilia ... is it just the American manned missions to the moon, or does your interest extend to collecting other artifacts from other manned and unmanned missions?

David Meerman Scott

Hey Ian,

I'm really into the Apollo program. I've got a few things from Mercury and Gemini but I am not so interested in the Shuttle or the Russian programs.


Kelly Monaghan

I'm guilty of the same mistake.

In my case, I got tripped up by Blogger, which keeps switching around the order of the blogs on your "Dashboard" according to which was last updated.

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