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September 24, 2007


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» What is RSS? from Ryan's Blog on NMR Software
On a slightly off topic note: It's been about 5 months since I started this blog and according to my analytics tools I am gaining more and more readers by the day. Thanks for those who keep coming back and [Read More]


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Joe Beaulaurier

Thanks David. Coming from you, that is high praise indeed. Jiyan pulled these guys in and got project done.

Nigel Duncan

David: I've just read 1/3 of your new book in the past hour, and after my initial wail-like-a-baby reaction (typical when I have an epiphany realizing the years of past mistakes I've made)I dived online to learn more. Went straight to your blog, saw this YouTube video, then wailed again. However, I feel much better now, and am going to get serious about making changes in my approach to marketing and PR (which of course are now one). You have shoved a rocket up this mid-level exec's derriere and I'm off for a wild new ride! Thanks.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Nigel,

Wow. I'd have to say this is a rather dramatic reaction to a book. Glad it was a help to you. Crying and rockets -- I shudder to think what will happen in the next 2/3 of the book.


cass stainton

Inspired by David's book, just sent first news release for client using PRWeb, now need to get some more visuals to add to content: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2100/1/prweb555869.htm

V impressed by PRWeb's customer service too, received personal 1-2-1 tuition on phone yesterday, service way above what I was expecting, thank you PRWeb (and David too!)

mike selissen

Common Craft Productions created this and similar videos that explain social media technology with their low-tech "paperworks" style. - www.commoncraft.com

Inventive explanations of RSS, bookmarking, and wikis.

Shaun Dakin


I've been following your advice for 2 months now and am in the top search engine results in natural search while spending $0 (actually I did buy your book!).

Thanks again. The Registry will be going live early next week. Check it out.


David Meerman Scott


Wow. That's amazing. Top of the search results for the price of a book. Thanks for letting me know!

Best, David

Dan Schawbel

This is genious. I love how they break it down into simple turns. Congrats on the book downloads btw.

Ryan Sasaki

Check out Google Docs in plain english:



Notice the "green marketing" angle. nice hook.

http://profitablegreensolutions.b iz

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