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September 13, 2007


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Now THIS is a great, much needed tip! I've also got blogger, editor, freelancer hats and I never know who is coming at me or why. And yes, I do a lot of deleting.


I have never had formal marketing training. I have been a stay at home mom for 14 years and just started blogging and social media managing 9 months ago. I find reading marketing blogs and picking up excellent tips like this are a much better way to learn. Thanks!

Rachel Clarke

I only get a few pitches, but it is far better if they define which blog they think the info would be useful for. Another great tip to add to the list.

Lena West

Absolutely! This is dead on.

I am a blogger and columnist and invariably someone fails to mention, which outlet they're seeking coverage in.

Also, and this is one of my points in an upcoming webinar I'm having on Tuesday, I'm a consultant.

Build a relationship with me. I'm not talking payola here - as in you get me gigs and I write about you - no way! That's not cool.

What I am saying is realize that I wear many hats and not just as a blogger and columnist. Develop the relationship. Networking is networking.


You know that this is a really good post, I guess I never really gave them much thought. I have always shared these tips at http://www.robertdstrong.com/mlm-business/top-secret-mlm-tips-finally-revealed/ with other people and they seem to have more results!

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