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August 17, 2007


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Kelly Rusk

Although it may be an old way of thinking, it's still new to anyone who's been doing marketing/PR in the last 40 years, so you're not really wrong or anything!

Glenn Nicholas

I think the 'old' principles of marketing are still at the wheel, however there have been two big changes down in the engine room, introduced by the web. One, the web dramatically increases the size of the addressable market (before the web, a communication channel with global reach was effectively out of reach, now it is free). Two, the tools used for PR and marketing have changed radically.

The old principles of marketing remain the same, what people respond to has not changed. So good copywriting matters, measurement matters etc.
However the new tools - keyword research, content marketing, search marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing - are radically different from the old tools. Using the old mass media (print and broadcast) is very different to using the new mass media - webcast.

Don't sell yourself short with semantics - your call on the new rules of marketing and PR is spot on.

John Mallen

I have been in the PR business for more than three decades, and must say there are few times I have been so impressed with leading-edge, practical information as I have with “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.”

I discovered it a short while ago on some blog. I’ve been reading it over the past week of travel, during which I drew on the “new rules” to hurrahs from the clients I was visiting. One rallied to the notion of publishing, and the other changed our mission 180-degrees from a fixation on print media placement to the integrated online approach you advocate.

Your book brings together the process and practice of new-media, Web 2.0 PR better than any approach I’ve come across. This week our entire staff gets the book, and tonight after reading the final pages, I’ll get some sleep!

David Polinchock

This is a really big question for the industry, just what's new and what's not. I wrote a little piece about it back in '03 or '04 at http://tinyurl.com/39244w But both your pieces struck some real issues that more people should be discussing! I'll be linking to them tomorrow up on our blog!

David Meerman Scott

Kelly, Glenn, John, and David:

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. THis is a fascinating subject and you guys have obviously given it some thought. I need to do some more thinking and writing on this!

Cheers, David


This is a really interesting topic. I have been thinking that it must be hard for people working at marketing/PR industry since the world is changing so quickly. But, it is true that still we are trying to communicate with other people like the old days. The only difference is now we use the web more often.

Jeff Paul Scam

I have been so impressed with leading-edge, practical information as I have with “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.”

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