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July 02, 2007


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Kevin Grossman

David, very informative answers. One of the main messages we're constantly conveying to our HR supplier clients is that whether you're approaching traditional journalists via their media outlets, or contacting bloggers (and other influencers) direct, you can't just flick boogers at the wall and hope someone calls you back (and asks you to stop). A little visceral I know, but it's vital to build trusting relationships with a core group of relevant media and bloggers.

David Meerman Scott

Wow, Kevin. I love the booger reference. I don't recall having used booger in anything I've written recently (at least on purpose). I did mis-type "blogger" once. I'll be using this one now and then. You're not claiming copyright, are you?


Kevin Grossman

No, I'm not claiming copyright, but you'll have to share boogers with me.

Well, maybe not.

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