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July 24, 2007


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Greg Grimer

Podcasting does take a lot of time, particularly in the editing. It takes even more when it is done well (and if not done well it is self-defeating since next to nobody will listen).

If I had a dollar for each corporate podcast that nobody is listening to ...

Did an interview with Paul Gillin last night that will be posted at www.b2bmarketingpodcast.com next week.

I think 2008 will see a rise in the fortunes of business podcasting though and your strategy of being a guest will pay dividends.

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Thanks for saring this blog to us. The contentes are very important to web savvies like me.

Robin Bennett


Let me just say that I'm one of the converted. After years in traditional PR and journalism, I'm discovering the power of online content.

I would love your thoughts on how to secure coverage or interviews on the podcasts that you recommended. Are there new rules for this that you can share?

Thanks for blogging and many thanks for your book;
it helped me "create" my position at Green Banana Project and greatly influenced our marketing plan. We are now sharing these rules with our clients as we help them reach more prospects through online content.

All the best,

Robin Bennett
Green Banana Project
Atlanta, GA


Hi David!

Thanks very much for listing all of these podcasts! I happened to listen to your DTM interview last week. I found it very interesting and can't wait to hear the others! For someone like me who is starting a business with very little knowledge about marketing, blogs and podcasts like these are extremely helpful!

I just ordered your book and can't wait to read that, too!

David Meerman Scott

Hey Charlie

The real thanks goes to these terrific podcasters.

Hope you like the book.


Michelle Eyre

Hi David,
I also want to send my thanks your way, you and your books are so influential in the new media world and also in my life since I am still in school and am reading your book. Your blog actually makes me feel more comfortable with moving forward with my career I feel confident that I can be successful and with your help and the help of others like the pod casters you listed I know I can succeed. I look forward to learning much more from you and your friends. Thanks again!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Michelle. You have a great career in front of you. Don't listen to people who tell you this stuff is not important.

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