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June 26, 2007


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Glenn Nicholas

I love these kinds of stories as well. We have an interesting client who answered your question with 'But I am an Ocularist'. They make artificial eyes, and as recently as a year ago thought the web would not make a major difference to their business. 6 months after the launch of their blog-enabled website (replacing their existing website, which had never really worked for them), their business was transformed. They now consider themselves a small and definitely global business.
Their blog is at geelen.com.au. There is a case study written about them called 'The Online Ocularist' (can be found with Google).
Many people don't know what an Ocularist does at first, but when you find out - and understand how a blog can change their practice in such a radical way - its a pointer to how significant the new rules of marketing and PR really are to all sorts of business models. Not just big ones either.

David Meerman Scott

Glenn, I love your story! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to talk about The Online Ocularist" on the speaking circuit!


Joe Wikert

This is one smart dentist. I tried to get my dentist into blogging a year or so ago but she resisted. I think most dentists, doctors, etc., are still caught up in the Yellow Pages era. They don't realize that their new patient acquisitions model of the future will revolve around Google, not the Yellow Pages. Blogging and podcasting are two great ways to secure a spot at the top of the search results but most of these professionals just don't get it.

Dianna Huff


Just a bit of background about Helaine Smith, who is my client.

She is indeed one smart business woman. When she called me two years ago about optimizing her Website, I didn't believe her when she said people were online looking for dentists. How wrong I was!

The fact that she now routinely gets calls from prospective patients who find her site on the Web says it all.

I hope they enjoy her podcasts.

Joe Wikert

Thanks Dianna. I wasn't aware of your site till I read your post, but I just stopped by and grabbed your RSS feed. I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

Dianna Huff

Joe -- Likewise.

Ashley Reppert

I had a similar experience at my own company..."How can a blog really help our PR/Marketing firm?" Despite some cynicism we recently launched our own company blog and have seen some great results. We also meet this reluctance daily from our B2B clients. In order to introduce them slowly we have begun researching other blogs for them, and providing commenting opportunities.
The truth is, blogging is for everyone!

california teeth whitening

I didn't know that Dr.Smith is a podcasting dentist! Thanks for this information.



dentist melbourne

Does the dentist have live-patient training in advanced procedures from institutions such as the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies or the Rosenthal Institute?

san diego cosmetic dentist

Its nice to know that there's a lot of dentist that gives smile to their patients after any procedure. I hope you will continue what you have started and good luck to you.thank you for this post.


beverly hills veneers

It's probably too soon to know what result the podcast is having on Dr. Smith's business,i agree but i think it getting more success,coz you have a nice video. Keep up the good work.

by: alpha

Dentists Fremont

There is an increase of podcasting dentists. This is good especially for knowledge management. Now people can learn more about dentistry through podcasts.

san diego cosmetic dentist

Thank you so much for bringing this,its very important to all of us to know the important of our teeth and in any kind of procedure to help our teeth keep clean its better that we need to go to our dentist for a good advice.


Emergency Dental

Podcasts are an under-utilized tool for dentists and other professionals to reach out to their clients. Many dentists just do not realize the potential of using social media.

austin dental

Very nice story. I like it very much. Dentist should shear their feelings. It will help to develop better communication.

Dentist Chatsworth CA

I really appreciate your ideas and information you have mention here. I'm also agree and in favor to your knowledgeable facts and information that gathered. Thanks for having it here.. :)

Dentist Essendon

Times are changing. This is the first time I read about a dentist that podcasts. I'll definitely listen to her podcasts.

Dentists Toronto

In this episode of Successful Smiles, I cover the facts about dental tourism -- the new trend of seeking low cost dental work outside the U.S. The podcast covers the following:


Podcasting is a great way to create content people want to see, and build an audience/community. No reason dentists shouldn't do it too!

Dentist Essendon

thanks for sharing this useful information,great post.

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