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June 05, 2007


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» Podcast: The New Rules of Marketing from B2B Lead Generation Blog
Before the Internet and social media tools, companies could only communicate through the filter of advertising or media ink placed by a PR firm. But fortunately the rules have changed. I just interviewed David Meerman Scott author the new book, [Read More]


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Michael A. Stelzner


Interesting strategy.

I see that this pushed your book to #80 on Amazon as of 5:42pm Pacific.

Did you get pickup on your offer or did you only offer it here?


David Meerman Scott

Hi Mike,

I offered it here and also on my neglected newsletter that I only send out occasionally (it is pretty lame).

However many books were sold via Rain Today who I worked with to send out an email blast to their members today.



Dave: Liked the book so much I orderd 20 copies for others in our organization yesterday. I saw you reached #66 on the list.

Best to you

Liz Handlin

I pre ordered your book and got it last week. Love it so far! It's very helpful and has some great insights. Many thanks.


David Meerman Scott

Thank you all for ordering and reading the book!


Dana Lookadoo

I just received the book, and I feel like a kid who just got a new toy for Christmas!

Anyone who doesn't take advantage of the SPECIAL OFFER is missing out. Sign up now!!

I listened to David's "Online News Releases" audio seminar, and I'll be listening again and again! I've been diligently striving to find the right "recipe" for delivering press, oops...I mean news, releases. David delivers the ingredients and the steps for success!

David, I'm signing up for your RSS feed. You are a wealth of information!


Bruce Antelman

I like the book a lot. Bought more for people at work.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Dana and Bruce for the kind words. After a year's worth of work, I am thrilled that the book is resonating with readers like you both.

Best, David

Vinu Shankar

hi David,
I wish I had spoted this few days back!

Can I still hope to get it? :)
Let me know.


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