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June 16, 2007


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Michael A. Stelzner

Hey David;

Congrats on your milestone!

I can attest it is a major achievement and takes tons of work.

I will be joining you in about 60 days when I reach 250.

An amazing effort goes in and great things come out.


David Meerman Scott

Thank you Mike,

The good part is that this blogging thing is fun and I get to virtually meet interesting people like you who I never would have encountered otherwise.

Cheers, David

Dee Rambeau

I'm psyched you've found success blogging. When I stopped blogging cold turkey on Feb. 13th of this year...after 500+ posts, I looked back at the goals I'd set for me and my humble blog, and realized I'd accomplished them. Those were:
1. to practice the craft of writing daily...to establish the discipline
2. to build a body of content with the eventual goal of selling books
3. To establish myself as a "subject matter expert"

You've done all three! What's next? More books I suppose! Nice work.


Hi David.

I am new to your blog, but I'm really enjoying your posts. Also I have been reading a few of your books and will use them for my graduate thesis on Social media marketing and permission marketing ;) I will of course make the references of where i found all the "gold"

Thank you again

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Jacob. Good luck on the thesis.

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