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June 16, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference IBM blogging guidelines and the company's 3,000 employee bloggers :


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Kris Rzepkowski

Thanks David. As we develop a blogging policy for Hudson, I had been thinking about these ideas. IBM's approach really sets a precedent for what may become Blog Policy norms in the very near future.

1. Blog Directory with explicit handling of company served blogs and privately built ones. This is perhaps the best way for all parties involved to benefit. Blog writers get instant traffic and acknowledgement, the company gets increased linking in its association with the blog authors. The upshot will be the blog directory WILL become the best place to find a company's smartest (or at least most extroverted) employees. I can already see corporate blog directory aggregation tools in our future.

2. Blog Policy written collectively by those who blog. IBM did it via a wiki - different than what I had conceived as a tops down blog policy coming from corporate marketing.

3. Blog Policy posted publicly - complete transparency. This helps put context to any views and biases within the blogs that are linked to.

Overall I think the IBM example is an excellent long term approach to the handling of Employee Generated Content

David Meerman Scott

Hi Kris,

Yes, IBM is doing some great stuff here. Obviously they are a big company and also they are tech saavy. But I do think that all organizations can learn from them.

THanks for reading.


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