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June 12, 2007


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You outline an excellent plan. But you make a big assumption. That the people you hear from should be the one to represent the company. Not always the case.


Good ideas. I have been working on convincing my boss to start a blog for weeks....basically I used the all of our competitors are doing it and the idea of increasing our search engine rankings as 'proof points.' Its coming soon on our next website revision. But for now, I'll just keep up with my own blog. :)

Brad Shorr

Great advice. Another way companies can get their feet wet with blogs is to use them internally to manage projects. A blog can serve as an efficient internal communication system for things such as software searches and implementations, internal sales contest reporting and promotion, company news, etc. Using an internal approach, company leadership will be able to see blogs at work and even blog themselves. Familiarity might make management more comfortable in reaching out to an external audience.


I great set of steps for an individual that can also be used if it is a more 'official' project. I'm also doing what Brand suggested and using the tools internally to help educate those who are trying to understand what is going on.

But Steven raises a key issue - who should be the face(s) of the company. Personally, I'm all for opening it at all levels. If you trust your employees to open their mouth outside of work, then you trust them to blog. But you have to educate them on some of the perils of doing so and what they can and cannot say.


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