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June 06, 2007


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» Getting The Word Out from Nuts and Bolts of Brand
David Meerman Scott, author of my new favorite book on marketing, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, posts a story about Mark Batterson, a church leader in Washington D.C.  If Mark can do these AMAZING marketing feats with his idea of what a church co... [Read More]


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I've never been to the church services, but I can assure you that their coffeehouse, Ebenezer's, isn't even remotely close to being "the largest coffee house in the Washington, D.C. area." I live two blocks away and occasionally grab coffee there on the way to work. Hell, it's not even the largest coffeehouse in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, never mind the entire DC area.

I wonder what other hyperbole you were fed?

Michael A. Stelzner

David - It is nice to see some of the latest technological trends are being used to further the message of the Gospel. - Mike

Daniel D

Great stuff! Mark and his crew are certainly embracing technology to communicate in this new era but I think one key thing is that Mark's content is good. The fact that he uses his blog, NCC's website, etc is just one part of the mix. Mark communicates in a way that allows these mediums to work for him and engages others.


Mark's theology is solid therefore he is successful. Mark is using his God given talent wisely therefore Jesus becomes even better known. Thank you David for being instrumental in Jesus being introduced to a new audience!

Dana Todd

Great article - having been in online marketing for over ten years, I never tire of hearing a new use for the media.

If your readers are interested in learning more about online media and the tactics of how to do this stuff, there is a series of regional seminars launching next week. Here's the link to calendar and cities: http://regional.onlinemarketingsummit.com/venue/default.html

You can apply for a discounted "early bird" ticket of $99. I was a speaker at the San Diego conference and it was very well executed. Intimate attendance (usually about 200 people) and mostly marketers attending so there's no vendor pressure.

BTW, the online marketing space is *begging* for new talent, so this is a good place to jump in and learn about a new career.


Mark, I love what you are doing. You inspire me to contravene conventions.....trash traditions...break barriers...nullify norms. I WOULD LOVE TO RELATE WITH YOU ON A FRIENDLY BASIS. Could you please mail me on :theanointedpastor@yahoo.com.
Love ya...agapely

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