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June 09, 2007


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» It's time to break the rules from Buyer Persona Blog
I just read David Meerman Scott’s post about the reaction he’s getting to the ideas in his terrific new book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR. This started me thinking about Chris, the product marketing persona that I wrote [Read More]


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I don't think the problem with the folks who are open to the new ideas is necessasrily doing the work, it's the learning curve. Plenty of sites out there make it super-easy to pull in content (thenewsroom.com)...and cool stuff, at that. It's just the learning curve is really overwhelming for some...

Just my 2 cents...

Dianna Huff


"Experiment" is the key word. I have finally realized that. Back when the Web was new, none of us had any idea how it worked. So we experimented. We built pages based on paper brochures -- which were fine 10 years ago, but now they're really dull and lifeless.

Now we know what works and what doesn't. Ditto for all the new things like podcasts. I say, have fun with it all.

Melissa Borghorst

Hi David,

I attended your speech at the Book Expo America, which was excellent! I’ve attended many classes and speeches in the past on various different topics, but yours was by far the best! Your presentation was great and the examples you used were very helpful.

I actually fell into all three categories. I’m working on a personal book project right now, so I was very excited to start implementing your “New Rules of Marketing & PR”. I’m actually following your suggestions by commenting for the first time on a blog! I’m also in the marketing and advertising industry, so your ideas were a bit scary for me, but also a bit of a wake up call. The world changes and we need to change with it, otherwise we’ll be left behind. Not only was I excited and scared, but also I was also a bit overwhelmed. Where do I start? How am I going to get going? When am I going to find time to do it all? But you’re right, we can implement these in bits and pieces.

Thank you very much for your wonderful speech, your excellent book (which I’m reading right now), and your inspiration. I’m planning to start my own blog within the next month and your name and book will be the first I mention J

Melissa Borghorst

David Meerman Scott

Hi Melissa,

I;m thrilled that you are putting the new rules to work for you. Well done. Since you already have a copy of my book, I suggest you turn to the last chapter and read it now. I talk about how to get going.

Cheers, David

John Beckley

Hi David

I'm half way through your book and I'm totally inspired!
We (a small Design and Marketing company)are pushing blogs and the quality of content on to all of our clients as a result. I have just finished Aaron Wall's SEOBOOK and together with your ideas I think it's a winning combination between good SEO and using some New Rules.

Horace Bryan

Dear Dr. Scott I bought your Audiobook and am quite interestead in your line of reasoning. I read blogs as a result of a reference you gave about the "Defren Template" Some blogger called Mike said something about a mistake that started a whole big thread and my comment was: I which I could find way to get your ruling on the debate... I left the page to find your e-mail and I lost the page. If I find it I will get back to you...

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