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May 30, 2007


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» Landing Pages: Where to Publish Your Advertorial from Writing Great Ezines
Last week we covered how to write an advertorial, described as persuasive copy written from the readers' perspective, designed to educate and inform AND with a specific call to action (sign up, download, buy). This is a form of sales [Read More]


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This is a great summary. You might expand it to discuss the differences between landing pages designed for 1) an organic-search visitor, and 2) a pay-per-click search visitor.

Since Google instituted its Quality Score algorithm, landing pages designed for visitors coming from Google AdWords ads have to reflect Quality Score guidelines in their design, or the per-click cost can climb into the several-dollar range.

john victor

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Thanks for the lot of information on landing page optimization..very good info.


San Francisco web design

Web Landing pages was required for every keyword because it will help them to get on the top page or first page of Google,yahoo and msn. thank you for this post.



Nice information,this will help any newbie get going in the right direction.Bookmarked!



Alexander John! (Funny Name, Serious Marketer)

"Make the landing page copy short and the graphics simple."

A Lot Of The Time I Try To Complicate My Landing Pages...It Gets Me No Where!

So, I Will For Sure Try To Make My Landing Pages Simple!

Thanks For The Great Tips!


Anne-Sophie Bousset

Hi David, I found your book "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" immensely helpful! I have a problem I hope you'll be able to help me with! I've identified 5 different clients Contract Live, the start-up I work for, is targeting (on top of users, reporters, other entrepreneurs...) but since we're a start-up, we don't have the time or resources to make a custom landing page for each just yet. Do you have a temporary alternative to recommend?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I sing your praises every chance I get =]

PS:oh, and I took your advice about creating a Google Profile (especially useful since I currently work for not 1 but 2 start-ups°

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