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May 21, 2007


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Duane Brown

That's a pretty good idea, David. Do you think they could be hired to work on website copy for a micro-site?

Mike Sigers

How about local college talent on thier way to being journalists ?

David Meerman Scott

Hi Duane and Mike,

Thanks for stopping by. I've found that when you bring a journalist for part time work that this technique still works but is less effective for things that are far from their comfort zone like landing page copy.

The issue is you need to teavh them what you want and it is quite different than their training. If they are full-time, that's great - you can invest in training them.

HOWEVER, for things that are very similar to their training they jump right in. I've had the best luck with having a journalist write case studies. They do a great case study right out of the gate.

They are also skilled at e-books and white papers.

I'd strongly suggest you give it a try. The talent pool with joutnalists is fantastic in many ways.



Hello David, good idea. I am going to appoint one for my company right away.

David Leland

Jolly good idea, David.

I moved from journalism to marketing about 15 years ago, and clients always look to me for compelling, fact-based copy -- with a compelling message. Oh, on time....


Nigel Morgan

David, I have been telling prospective clients her in England the very same thing ever since I left journalism and launched my own PR company!

As that was six years ago clearly many of them have already found what you say to be true!

Many thanks for the support!

Jared Bernstein

I'm a journalist looking to get into the marketing side so I found David's blog to be a champion for my cause.

I'm looking for work in NYC so if anyone is looking for a journalist in their marketing department and would like to see a resume please email me at jmichael42678@comcast.net.

Christopher Novotney

I completely agree with this and encourage corporations to adhere to this advice. I recently began with a company after graduating with a journalism degree and a minor in marketing. This has been extremely beneficial for both the business I work with and my own career. I am now able to utilize my skills of not only journalism, but also publication design, marketing and other areas that my position requires. A great tip that I hope other businesses consider.

Jim Costello

I'm a UK-based journalist with experience of working with PR companies - details at

I've found most PR companies would benefit from objective input from a third party such as a pragmatic journalist. Feel free to get in touch.
Jim Costello

Jaimee Steele

Great post. I would also encourage PR agencies and corporations hiring PR professionals to be more fastidious about hiring PR people who graduated with a PR or journalism degree, or are accredited APR's. There is a dearth of PR pros who know how to write like a journalist and pitch stories that would actually appear in a newspaper.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Jaimee

With all due respect to PR professionals with degrees and APR certifications, in my experience the vast majority of them are terrible writers. In my experience they tend to write on and on about the company's products and services using jargon and gobbledygook which is exactly why I suggest journalists as the better choice.

Again, this is based on my experience...


I am a journalist looking for a job in the Kansas City area. I have a few years of experience with my college paper and have held various leadership positions.

I'm good with editing copy, and would be glad to work for anybody in need of my skill set, as newspapers don't seem to have new hires in their budget anymore.

Call or e-mail. - 620-617-4163



By the way, here are some clips.



I have more stories which can be found by searching "Brandon Steinert" on www.kstatecollegian.com

By the way, David. As a journalist, I can EASILY tell the difference between a press release and a story. Thanks for sticking up for us journalists.

Josiah from HotelMarketingStrategies.com

David, this is a brilliant idea that has become even more relevant since you wrote it two years ago. With all the hype around the decline of print media, I've found there are more journalists out there than ever willing to take on projects...even on a part time/freelance basis. With an increasing need to produce quality content, I feel all companies should seriously consider this option. Especially for companies with a smaller (overworked) staff, it's the only way great material will get written.

Hire Staff

What an excellent idea..
Thanks for sharing..


What a great idea. So many businesses forget about the need for good and newsworthy content to be able to distribute in this online world we're living in. A journalist/writer hired in a marketing or PR department could go a lot of good: writing website content, articles, press releases, blogs, etc. The possibilities are endless. Never forget the power of the written word, especially online, interesting/valuable content will get you far. In that same respect, I think companies who hire outside help to write their white papers (http://www.hoffmanmarcom.com) benefit greatly. Hiring a trained writer that has an outside view of your company and products could be one of the best things you've ever done for your company!

Again, excellent post.

Chit Chatter

It's a pity more people aren't looking for journalists in Northern Ireland! Maybe I should point them to this blog. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

Belstaff Leather Jacket

Very, very nicely done!

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