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May 25, 2007


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Henri van den Hoof

Great point David, and I do agree that it is a point which is often overlooked. A small test for 'stickyness' is another very important point. But if you choose a name which is very common or has very heavy competition in the Search Engine rankings, then you are indeed asking for trouble.


This is so important. There is another journalist with my name out there, but I made sure to get the exact domain.

Bernie  Borges

I agree with your recommendation. I'm amazed at how many people expect to be found for broad keywords and phrases like 'Acme Software.' The challenge I run into when counseling clients to go for specific keyword phrases is that they usually have low search volumes. I rationalize the advice by reminding the client that when someone finds them for the specific keyword phrase, they were probably looking for them.

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