Social media style book event with Michael Raynor for The Strategy Paradox

Posted by David Meerman Scott 10:04 AM on March 16, 2007

Deloitte Consulting LLP is cleverly hosting a meet up and social media style book launch in Boston on Tuesday, March 27 for Michael Raynor, author of The Strategy Paradox. Raynor will be at Vintage Lounge amid free drinks and snacks, happy to share his thoughts on the book and engage in any conversation participants would like.


I really like the idea of using online media in the form of a Wiki to market a book and offer an offline event as an opportunity for mere mortals to have very casual access to a business guru. What other offline events could be marketed this way?

Unfortunately, I will be speaking at a conference in Scottsdale AZ and unable to attend myself. But if you are in the Boston area, sign-up for the free event on the wiki.

Here is a review of The Strategy Paradox from the Financial Times.

David Meerman Scott

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