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March 22, 2007


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Michael A. Stelzner

Hi David;

This is a great example of word of mouth in action.

One important step you took, I recall, was soliciting a select group of bloggers to comment on your Manifesto.

I think that was a key step in lighting the flame.



I didn't do anywhere near the amount of work you did, nor is mine near as important, but I did coin the term "link leak" and it has 19,300 returns on Google and I too get a ton of visitors each month because of it.

I need to do this for, oh ... 7 other blogs now.

Thanks for making me aware of the power of viral thought leadership.

David Meerman Scott

Machael - yes you are correct,. I did email a link to my blog post to a few people who I thought would be interested and I also wrote by-line versions of the article for MarketingSherpa and Pragmatic Marketer magazine. But all in all it was a small effort. Imagine what getting the same result would cost using advertising? A million dollars maybe?

Mike -- "link leak" what a cool phrase! Congrats. I've been thinking of others like that myself...

Cheers, David

Mehdi Bagherian

I am wondering how I can buy your product 'The New Rules of PR ebook: Revised and updated for 2007' without credit card. Is there any bank account to draft money to?

David Meerman Scott

Mehdi, Thank you for asking about my ebook. It is free! No credit card required. How cool is that?

Here is a link to the blog post http://www.webinknow.com/2007/01/the_new_rules_o_1.html

Here is a link to the ebook http://301url.com/NewRulesofPR

Michael A. Stelzner

Hey David - How did you get MarketingSherpa to get one of your articles on your site.

This would be a huge lesson for me.


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