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February 05, 2007


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Mark Stevens

If corporations really want to make consumers happy, they should forego costly Super Bowl ads and instead invest in a Chief Customer Officer, a single person of power charged with putting him or herself in the customers’ mind.

But instead they spend their time and money making sure their ad is funny and entertaining, which doesn’t mean it sells more products. A good marketer surprises consumers by giving them new ideas on how and why to use a particular product. Ads developed by typical people or starring famous celebrities may get laughs, but are unlikely to generate sales. For every dollar you spend you should be seeing a dollar back and I sincerely doubt that these companies are generating an additional $2.6 million due to these Super Bowl ads.

Marketers need to stop thinking that marketing HAS to be creative. It HAS to sell goods and services. Sometimes the least creative marketing is the most effective.

Mark Stevens

Mike Sigers

Go Daddy was special as always.

Bud's stupid ... as always.

The need a VP of Lameness to fire for all the unfriendly things they do to you ... like the registration thing.

David Meerman Scott

Mark, thanks for stopping by my blog. "Your Marketing Sucks" is one of my all time favorite book titles.

I do agree that Super Bowl ads are not the best way to spend marketing dollars. But as a marketer who focuses almost exclusively online, I admit that I like to look at the web site tie ins to the ads.

Cheers, David

Dianna Huff


You weren't the only one looking for Website tie-ins. I was, too. Plus, I had my eyes peeled for B2B companies.

Did you notice SalesGenie's ad? Neither my husband or I liked it, but they did post their offer for 100 free sales leads!

I was very disappointed with this year's crop of ads and after taking notes on all of them until half-time, stopped watching.

We ended up flipping back and forth between the game and Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. Now there was some serious advertising!

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