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February 12, 2007


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Dianna Huff


I've been in a "think tank" mode of late and wondering how one measures the effectiveness of blogs.

I can tell, for example, how many people sign up for my newsletter or how many people visit my site.

It's harder to measure the ROI of a blog.

Your post, however, gives people one method for measuring a blog's effectiveness: press, "reach," and article quotes.

Excellent post.

Ken Doctor

Good points. For those of us who have journalists and analysts and bloggers, it's instructive how the worlds are blurring. You can see the difficulty many newspaper journalists have in also doing a blog; what's the voice and how is it a "post" different than a formal "article."

At best, journalists are learning that difference, and it's often this: blogs don't have to pretend omniscience, answering all the questions.

For marketers, to David and Larry's points, that should mean reaching out to niched bloggers. Consider the reach-out -- if you've got valuable information, some new product or service or even half an idea that's relevant -- the beginning of a conversation.

The web has connected writers and sources, informalizing that relationship. We can check back and forth more easily (and less formally) than before. That gets more done more quickly.

Only caution, as with all human interaction: best used empathetically and judiciously.

Doug Haslam

The notion that pitching bloggers the same way you should pitch media is one I have been thinking of for a while-- so thanks for getting it out there.

2 things:
1) The less we think of blogs and other "new media" as some monster we have to treat differently,. the more comfortable we will be in our media relations.

2) The "different" things we do in relating to bloggers are more often than not things that would improve our traditional media relations, and should have been thinking about anyway-- don't you think?

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