PR Newswire Now Links Press Releases to Technorati

Readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of news releases as a form of Web content. News releases are used by smart organizations to reach buyers directly. And when a news release is interesting, timely, intriguing, or titillating it can often prompt blog posts.

For example, Apple’s news about the iPhone generated all kinds of blog posts, like this one.

So how cool is it that news release distribution company PR Newswire today announced a deal with Technorati, a blog search engine, to track blog posts about news directly from press releases.


The way it works is that press releases distributed through PR Newswire will now include a Technorati button, linking readers to a search result page hosted by Technorati that will display a list of blogs discussing and linking to the news release.

Go here to see an example of the stories discussing the PR Newswire and Technorati release. You should be able to find this blog post there. How's that for a circle of blogging!

David Meerman Scott

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