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September 19, 2006


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Dianna Huff


I just found out what a "widget" is -- and now that I know, I would like to add a few to my blog. I had always wondered how people added all those fun things to their blogs!

Michael Stelzner

WordPress has some cool plugins that let you *pimp* out your blog.

One of the ones I like is from Feedback Blitz. It allows readers to get emails when a new blog entry is added.

Also, StatTraq allows the blog owner to view real-time stats of who I coming to the blog, what keywords they used, and where they came from.

Cool stuff! Also, David. Sometimes I forget to enter the security code at the end of this message and the thing never shows up on your blog. Not sure that is all that valuable.



First off, I love your site and your eBook - one of the best I've read thus far. The wealth of information you provide is invaluable.

Pimp my blog?

As a writer/graphic & layout designer/eBook publisher - I would have to say I agree. Anything that can get you brand recognition is awesome!

In this tangled world we call the Web, pimping out your blog might just be what separates your blog from the millions on the blogosphere. That...and great content (as found on this site), too.

Keep up the great work.

Jacob Sikais

I must say I found your blog by purchasing your book... and even though it should of been the other way around... it is great to see that because of your blog... you published your book... so I could buy your book... and find your blog... if you get me.

Loved this section and some great tools... I have now also become an Amazon Associate and your book is my first recommendation in my 'astore'.

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