Ford Bold Moves? I don't think so

This morning the Boston Globe ran an excellent article on page one of the business section by Hiawatha Bray called A 'Bold' step to fix Ford's image: Website takes clear-eyed look at firm's problems, solutions. Thanks Hiawatha for quoting me in the article.

"Ford Bold Moves is a video documentary series that takes you inside Ford Motor Company as it attempts one of the largest corporate turnarounds in history," the Ford Bold Moves site reads. "With candid interviews from Ford executives, employees, industry experts and even Ford detractors, Bold Moves approaches each segment from every angle and keeps asking the question: Will Ford succeed?"


I like that the ads and site are a little edgy. There are places for consumers to comment on the Bold Moves site – I like that. And the RSS feeds are good.

But I have problems with this approach by Ford. Command and control one-way messaging doesn't work any more.

The biggest issue I see with Ford Bold Moves site is that it is not written by real Ford people. There is no soul or personality on the site. It is Madison Avenue ad agency stuff.

I want authenticity and reality here. I want to virtually meet the people at Ford, not watch videos of them. I want to hear from Ford product managers, not freelance journalists. I want to hear from Ford designers, not the Ford ad agency.

Where are the blogs written by real Ford people?
Where are the by-line articles by real Ford people?

Just making videos to say you are bold, doesn't make you bold. Great web content that moves buyers through the sales process make you bold.

Buying ads on blogs doesn't make you bold, Actually launching a series of blogs makes you bold.

Nice try Ford (or rather I should say nice try Ford's ad agency). Let's try to inject some authenticity and personality into the Ford Bold Moves site. (PS: I'm willing to help.)

David Meerman Scott

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