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September 11, 2006


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» Blogging is my front door, shingle, store front window, yellow page ad! from Home Office Lawyer
Blogging is my front door and it has changed my life is a great post at webinknow.com. Thanks to Lisa Solomon of Question of Law for the heads up on this one. "As I write and talk to these corporate [Read More]


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Michael A. Stelzner

Hi David - Some good stuff here. Blogging is most certainly a very addictive sport if you will. I have only been at it a very short time... But, I see the light. It is an excellent promotional tool and is rather different than the alternatives (like newsletters and the like). I am hooked. The biggest challenge is the time. However, it does keep the writer's pencil very sharp. Thanks for your work and contributions to the space!


Mike Sigers

It's changed the way I live. I used to recreate, now I create.

Big difference.

We just finished an intervire with our local newspaper, they're gonna put us on the front of the Business Section this Sunday.

THAT may indeed change my life.

Tony Valle


Great post. I read it this morning and was immediately inspired to take your thought and run with it. I find that a podcast is a nice complement to an effective blog.

I wonder if more folks won't start doing some combination of the two. I tried to "trackback" to your post, but it didn't seem to work.

Keep up the good work!


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