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September 16, 2006


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Mike Sigers

Hey David,

I travel about 60 nights a year and spend every one getting Hilton Honors points.

If I were them, I'd send a letter/email asking if there was anything we could do to get you to stay with us ... and then do it.

I've always been put off by those use it or lose it letters, too.


Funny you should talk about Hilton. I was just about to respond to the same Mary Parks about not getting credit if I book anywhere but hilton.com. Seems merely choosing Hilton and paying for a nights stay not longer qualifies you as a "acceptable" customer. Here are the highlights from that message...

Thanks to new enhancements to our Hilton Family websites, there's no reason to make your reservations through any other online source. No matter which Hilton Family site you use, you can easily search all Hilton Family hotels at once--by city, by airport, by hotel features or even by travel route. And booking your stay through www.hiltonfamily.com or any Hilton Family website is the smart choice to ensure you receive Hilton HHonors® points, miles and stay credit for all of your qualifying stays.

HHonors points, airline miles and stay credit toward tier status are not awarded for stays booked through third party online sites. However, we have made an exception for your recent stay at the Hilton Santa Clara. Going forward, though, we wanted to remind you that to ensure you receive HHonors points, miles and stay credit when you book online, be sure to make your reservations through www.hiltonfamily.com or any Hilton Family website. Of course, you will also continue to receive HHonors points, miles and stay credit when you book through 1-800-HHONORS or any other Hilton Reservations Worldwide office, through corporate travel offices, through travel agents, through the websites of Hilton HHonors airline partners or when making reservations by phone directly with a Hilton Family hotel.

For further information or to book a Hilton Family hotel reservation, visit www.hiltonfamily.com today. We look forward to welcoming you again soon!


Mary E. Parks
Vice President, Marketing
Hilton HHonors Worldwide

Melanie Surplice

Hey David,

Wow! I didn't realise anti-loyalty campaigns were part of the new rules of marketing. Talk about "How to lose friends and annoy loyal customers"...

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