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August 24, 2006


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Melanie Surplice

Hi David,

I agree that marketing must be more than just about events and advertisements and that PR should be more than just press releases and clips. It's got to be about driving real business outcomes.

We spend quite a bit of time here at Factiva debating internally how we can demonstrate the value of PR to the business: how we can support our organisation's goals, which as you point out, do not include "Generating great media coverage in the world's business media".

Of course I get a sense of satisfaction when I see a positive clip about Factiva in a Tier 1 target publication, or when I think about how in the last 18 months, we've built a program that pretty much guarantees coverage about Factiva in some of the world's most influencial business media each month.

But I get far greater satisfaction when a sales person calls me to say that a clip about Factiva helped him/her to either get a first appointment with an elusive VP, or better still, that it helped him/her to close a sale.

It's why my marketing colleagues and I regularly attend sales meetings - we have to know what's going on out in the field and what we can do to help our organisation engage with the right publics.

We certainly don't have all the answers. I think part of it is a symptom of the PR industry not being able to agree on a uniform way of measuring and evaluating PR outcomes, or proving ROI - and also a legacy of a view that saw PR as a function that simply sent out press releases.

Times are definitely a changin. I'm looking forward to seeing what tips you can provide in your book.

Factiva PR

David Meerman Scott

Right on Melanie.

It sounds like you are definately aligned with organizational goals. And good on you for also monitoring blogs like this one. No, Web Ink Now is not a "tier 1 pub." But 1000 or so smart marketers read this blog and now they know about Factiva. Keep it up!


Victoria Thompson

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