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August 22, 2006


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» Who's your reader? from Marketing Interactions
One thing I've noticed lately in work with clients is that the content they put on their website is often the content they use for everything else. To put this in context with your sales portal, why is it that you think your salespeople want to read th... [Read More]


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Tina Lang-Stuart

Thanks David for this must-needed post. You'd think that things like: "who are you readers?" and "how do I reach them?" would be questions every blogger/web publisher can answer automatically but....some can't 'cause they confuse the web and its vast opportunity for publishing content with self-promotion (as an individual or as a company). That's where the old and the new world merges - when it comes to asking the right questions and then developing a content strategy. Just because the web is fast and easy and displays a "just do it" attitude doesn't mean that you need no preparation. Planning also gets rewarded in the web 2.0 world.

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