Tell the world your story - Directly!

The frustration of relying exclusively on the media to deliver your organization's messages is long gone. Yes, mainstream media is still important, but today smart marketers craft compelling messages and tell the world directly via the web. The tremendous expense of relying on advertising to convince buyers to pay attention to your product is yesterday’s headache. Now you can get your product seen directly online in many different ways.

Any person or organization--non-profits, rock bands, political advocacy groups, companies, independent consultants, anyone--possesses the power to elevate themselves via thought leadership on the web to a position of importance. In the new e-marketplace of ideas, organizations publish expertise in various forms such as great websites that focus on buyers needs, podcasts, blogs, e-books, online news releases, which allows companies, institutions, and non-profits to deliver the right information to buyers at the point that they are most receptive to the information. Organizations gain credibility and loyalty with buyers through content and smart marketers now think and act like publishers in order to create and deliver content targeted directly at their audience.

The tools at our disposal as marketers are web-based media to deliver our own thoughtful and informative content and delivered via web sites, blogs, e-books, white papers, images, photos, audio content, video, and even things like product placement, games, and virtual reality. We also have the ability to interact and participate in conversations that other people begin, in established blogs, chat rooms, and forums. What links all of these techniques together is that organizations of all types behave like publishers, creating content which people are eager to consume.

David Meerman Scott

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