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August 14, 2006


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Britton Manasco

You are a true pioneer, David. You've articulated a tectonic shift in the worlds of marketing, communication and... art. Seems to me, our challenge now is to get a better handle on the "discipline" of story development and telling in business -- and encourage executive decision-makers to invest in it.

While individuals have been liberated by all the media you mentioned, the opportunity continues to fall through the cracks at most companies. Perhaps they have begun to think more seriously about the story vehicles (white papers, webinars, podcasts), but I think most continue to neglect the story itself. They will have to see the numbers -- and payoffs -- associated with investing in compelling story creation and leverage relative to all the other ways they might spend their marketing budgets (advertising, trade shows, telemarketing, sales incentives, etc.).

I guess this is the rest of the story that WE have to report on, craft and tell.

David Koopmans

Hi David, I'll jump on the bandwagon of the post above; companies have a very long way to go in realising the importance and potential of good communication with the market. Especially in B2B marketing the focus is squarely on personal selling with communications often restricted to proposals (written by sales people) , sales brochures and a static website (put up because you have to have one these days)

I would argue that we have a long way to go in educating companies on how to take advantage of the digital age.

The lower the average age of the employee, the greater the chance that they will see the opportunities.
It does raise one other issue; where are we getting the writing talent from to publish? I posted an article on my blog that asks this question. http://www.mokummarketing.com/blog/2006/07/new-war-for-talent-people-who-can.html

I believe that the majority of business people are still not aware of the fundamental shift in customer behaviour and expectation that is driven by the digital age. That must be the subject of my first e-book!

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