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August 23, 2006


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Brad Shorr

Do you think it depends on the product? I'm thinking of beer. Everybody drinks it. Wouldn't a company like Budweiser need several hundred (thousand?) niche ads to reach its entire audience? On the other hand, for automobiles--your favorite industry--niche advertising is the only way to go.

Michael Stelzner

David - Is it about developing a message the audience wants to hear or one that will resonate with them? Sometimes solutions come around that solve problems people didn't even realize they had until they heard about it (the solution). For example, people don't want to hear about the amazing reach of blogs or podcasting, but they need to hear about so they can realize there is an alternative way to communicate with an audience. Your thoughts? - Mike

David Meerman Scott

Mike, I think in the B2B world, where white papers are used frequently, that the message must deal with a market problem that buyers already have.

Blogs are an answer to a buyers problem of needing better communications with audiences or better and easier search engine marketing.

I disagree that blogs solve a problem buyers didn't think they had. I think the oppisite - that blogs solve a problem buyers already had. Too many B2B web sites and brochures and white papers fail because marketers try to argue that buyers SHOULD have a problem when they DON'T. So the copy is long and boring and tries to argue that you have a problem when you don't. Nonsense.

Trust me, nobody NOBODY is reading white papers and web sites and brochures and press releases looking for problems that they didn't know they had. We're all way too busy. Instead the marketing & PR challenge is how do we write about our products so that we solve a buyers existing problems.

I didn't start my blog because I had a blog problem. I started it because I had a communications problem.

Michael Stelzner

Hi David;

I totally agree with you. It's all about solving problems and this is something I preach regularly.

I also agree that folks need to be able to resonate with what you are telling them (this your "want to hear point" is well taken).

Perhaps once you have their ear, it is a good time to tell them some things they did not even realize. Maybe some of the benefits of doing things differently that they never considered. This may be what they need to hear to take them to the point of acting to make that change.



I agree with you, Brad, Budweiser doesnt need advertisement to make people drink it - it's a really good beer. However there are good products people are not aware of as they are new to the market. For example, some useful software to watch free TV online http://watchtvonlinefree.net/ or some good home appliances new in stores and even brand new burgers in fast food restaraunts - they all need advertisement imho.

Account Deleted

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that's right. maybe some prefer other kinds of media because older people still prefer tv?
it think online stuff is better. it helps people to find what they need without a rain of unnecessary information falling on them

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