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July 14, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference PRNewswire to auction off-peak press releases with SEO via eBay:

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In a comment to my post on Direct to Consumer Press Releases, [Read More]

» PRNewswire Press Release Auction from Mordechai (Morty) Schiller
In a comment to my post on Direct to Consumer Press Releases, Dave Armon, COO of PR Newswire, Your blog got us thinking. So we're gauging -- via an eBay auction -- the interest in D2C during our off-peak hours. And he threw down the challen... [Read More]

» PRNewswire Auctioning Off Press Releases from Internet Marketers Network
David Meerman Scott of Web Ink Now is reporting that press release distribution company is auctioning off 400-word SEO'd press releases on eBay. [Read More]

» PR Newswire Testing SEO Press Releases from Online Marketing Blog
PR Newswire recently tipped me off to a test press release service that promises SEO benefit: Off-peak press release with SEO via PR Newswire Reach news sites, portals, search engines, media. Apparently it is to be a 5 day listing on the ... [Read More]


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My friend just launched brilliant ad site yesterday.
I wanted buy one but then I don't have sites to promote but I just let you know guys it is pretty good.

Site called adcubes and he is hosting at the online newspaper.

Check this out it is cool.


Pippo Link

A London police officer apprehends a cycling priest for letting go of the handlebars so he could pray while on the move: "I hate to do this, reverend, but I'm going to have to fine you five pounds for cycling without due care on a public highway."

"Oh golly Moses!
I assure you there was no real danger, officer. Did you not notice how the guiding hand of the Lord was steering me in and out of the traffic?"

"I can't say I did, sir. But since you come to mention it, that'll be another five pounds for carrying a passenger."


increase web traffic

Doesn't PRNewswire already do this sort of press release service now a days? I could've sworn I'd seen it offered straight off their site, but maybe it was a different press release service...

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