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July 18, 2006


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Well said, David.

I was having a discussion about this very topic with a client yesterday. I have forwarded this link to him, and encouraged him to download both yours and Seth's from your links.



A big yes to Ebooks

Peoples time and attention span have to be fought for. The Ebook addresses this challenge. They are visually appealing and the interactivity they offer is a major plus.Tightly packed text out lots of white space,Pictures,useful hyperlinksand one click get your question answered in.

Sandra Mendoza-Daly

I love eBooks. I have purchased numerous ebooks on writing, marketing, how to start a _____ business.

As long as the person who wrote it knows what they are talking about, they are a great and quick source of education.

And David, I totally agree with you on the landscape layout. Your ebook was the first one I downloaded that was laid out in this format and it was so much easier to read. Thanks.

But what is your opinion on charging for eBooks. I've been thinking of a few eBooks I could write, but I don't know that I want to give them away for free.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Sandra,

It will all depend on your goals. If the goal is to spread your ideas, make it totally free with no registration required (that's what I did and got 250,000 downloads). If the goal is to build a list of names, consider adding a requirement that people submit an email to get the ebok. And if the goal is to make money, you *could* charge.

However, I would still give one thing away to build interest to charge for another. You could have "The ten tips to..." and give away the first two tips for free or something like that.

Dianna Huff has successfully published a paid ebook http://www.dhcommunications.com/seobook.htm


Jason Bradford

Great info! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll let you know as soon as the ebook is done!

Thanks again for the insight.


Joseph Ratliff


A question...

I'm writing my first ebook as a free download on my main site...and I was wondering whom you used to format and "pretty up" your ebooks on your site?

David Meerman Scott

Joseph - A great designer is essential in an ebook. It makes the text come alive. I use Doug Eymer. www.eymer.com

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