Are Direct-to-Consumer News Releases morphing into News Programs?

I am having fun "hosting" a special week on the International Association of Online Communicators blog. Lots of good dialog is happening.

The first discussion Direct-to-Consumer News Releases: Do they suck? and the second Trackbacks in press releases: Gimmicky or great? have prompted some great comments.

I am about to post the third discussion topic: Are Direct-to-Consumer News Releases morphing into News Programs?

This topic comes from a suggestion by Steve O'Keefe, who says: "We are now speaking of news releases that are no longer news releases; they are programming. You exchange something of value for attention -- help with a problem, an entertaining animation, a tip sheet for packing Christmas presents. David, what say you about news releases as news programs? or entertainment?"

Glad you asked, Steve. I think great content is valuable no matter what the medium: a YouTube video clip, a podcast, a Wall Street Journal article and yes, the once lowly press release, all have potential to enlighten and inform.

What do YOU think?

David Meerman Scott

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