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May 25, 2006


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Smart guys, them.

I have a copy of 'Call to Action' on my shelf.


and I've read it, of course.

Joe Wikert

There's no doubt we publishers have to figure out how to leverage those "new rules of PR" I've heard you talk about. We can't simply rely on the old list of reviewers who got every single copy of a pre-pub book, only to read a small percentage of them. It's so easy to find bloggers with the right focus, send them a free copy and (if the book is good!), let the blogosphere light the PR fire. I applaud the efforts of the folks at Amacom publishing -- they added me to their free and review list last year. Here I am, a publisher who works for a competitor to Amacom, and they're smart enough to know the type of books I read and that I'll post about the good ones. Another great example is Joel Comm's recent book on AdSense. Thanks to his novel PR efforts this past week the book climbed all the way to #3 on Amazon...*all* of Amazon, not just the computer book section!


I'm very interested in this book. Do you think this book could be interesting also for a European reader (Italian for example) or it has a USA-based approach?


I ordered it earlier this week from Amazon, so I should have it early next week. I loved Call to Action, and saw them speak at a SES Conference before.

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