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May 12, 2006


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Tina Lang-Stuart

First of all: David, please forgive me if this is not a well-written comment.

Second: Forgive me if I don't follow your meme suggestion and begin to list my favorite books, magazine articles, blog posts, film scripts, plays, etc.

And third: forgive me if I state the obvious.

- The love for writing begins with the love for the written word.
- So we need to go way back...
- but it is harder than ever to get a child (and many adults) interestd in reading books in this over-stimulated media world.
- so we complain and resign.
- But wait! Maybe we can use this brave new world of social media to create new enthusiam amongst young and old
- to discover or re-discover their love for the written word...
- and become good writers.

So - to finally come to my point - things are not as hopeless as they seem.

"Things, as they say, will be better."

Mike Sigers

I've read at least 3 newspapers a day since I was old enough to read.

Doing so has helped shape me and who I am. I wish my 3 daughters did the same, but their tastes are different.

I could use some help with a post that included your name, David, if you don't mind.

Seems as if blogging and content are under fire.


Dee Rambeau

David my friend,
Crap = Crap. Internet X lots of crappy writers = more crap to read. Higher volume of crap to read = the necessity of better crap filters. You could potentially enable your crap filter very early each day by ignoring the Globe. Surely the elliptical is torture enough!

I like Klosterman's paragraph and article and I AM a baseball fan. Like all us who dabble in or are employed in the "sport" of writing, he writes an awful lot of crappy paragraphs in the article. The overall balance is pretty good I suppose.

Klosterman is a wonderful and kooky writer who fancies himself as somewhat of a modern-day Hunter S. Thompson without the psychedelics. His stuff in Spin Magazine and GQ is always thought-provoking.

Best paragraph ever? If you're asking, I'm saying no. But thanks for the call to action! That's what you're talking about after all...look...I bought!

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