The tradeoff between technology and content

Posted by David Meerman Scott 03:09 AM on March 29, 2006

I ran across a terrific post from Andy Monfried by way of Steve Johnson. In the post You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know Monfried talks about his love of rare rock concert DVDs. He's written eloquently about the phenomenon of great content being great no matter what the technology. His example is that he collects these concert DVDs (mainly bootlegs) and he just got one of a Rolling Stones concert. Called LA Blues, the DVD is of a concert from July 11, 1975 at the LA Forum and for him it is just terrific.

Monfried argues that technology is second to content. I agree with this point. In his example, many of his concert DVDs he loves won't ever be made into High Definition re-mixed versions, but that's OK, because the content is still great.

Many people obsess over the latest and greatest technology and forget that it is the content that is important.

Imagine all the trillions of blog posts out there. Any one can be a nugget as someone researches a product or an old friend or a disease. Yet the vast majority of blog posts are only read by a few people and will never be seen in another media or technology such as a quote in a magazine or book.

Read Monfried's post. Then think about all the great content that you can produce on your site, blog and other places and imagine the people are just waiting to hear from you. And hey, your content will live on for years and decades in cyberspace for people to look at again and again.

David Meerman Scott

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