New rules of articles, too

Posted by David Meerman Scott 10:23 AM on March 13, 2006

A lively discussion over at Jonathan Kranz blog about writing articles for the Web. Jonathan is the author of Writing Copy for Dummies and he always has smart things to say about Web content.

As I said in my foray into the conversation, one of the great things about writing on Web of all types is that through great content (on blogs, in press releases, through e-books, on Web sites, and in articles) the author can demonstrate thought leadership. The media may vary, but compelling ideas command readership. And when you are smart about a topic, people notice.

I've posted articles in many places (but not Like Jonathan, my stuff has appeared on MarketingProfs as well as and All generate great exposure. I'm constantly amazed at how people find my writing and the old "one thing leads to another" happens. I've had literary agents call and (paid) speaking gigs materialize. Not to mention new clients who want to work with me.

And search engines crawl all sorts of sites, so just getting your work out there makes it valuable in the form of search fodder.

David Meerman Scott

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