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February 06, 2006


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serge the concierge

After reading your column in E Content, I decided to check your blog.
Having organized a number of discussions with business writers, most of them shared the same conclusions that you make about the benefits, mainly additional exposure, speaking engagements (and fees).
I think one thing not to neglect is for some at least the experience of writing and the satisfaction derived of it.
I personally started my blog 'Serge the Concierge'a little over 10 months ago and lately came to realize that I really enjoy writing, having the discipline of doing it regularly. I originally started the blog as an extension of my business websites but it has kind of taken a life of its own.

Have a good day


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The idea is great. I mean, shapping experiences in form of books so that others get benefited is great. This can be seen as a concierge service for those interested to invest in buisnesses.

viagra online

that book was a great one ..thanks for the advise !

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