So you want to write a business book?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:23 AM on February 06, 2006

Since I published my book Cashing in with Content: How innovative marketers use digital information to turn browsers into buyers, many people have asked me about the process of writing and getting published and if the hard work is worth it. I always say that, for me, it was a great decision. Yes, it is a tremendous amount of work, but the added exposure I’ve received for my business has been worth it. But I always felt I needed to hedge because I didn’t know about other authors experiences.

Until now. has released a new research report on publishing a business book. It is titled, The Business Impact Of Writing A Book: Data, Analysis, And Lessons From Professional Service Providers Who Have Done It.

I was interviewed for the report, which includes input from 200 other business book authors. If you think you have a book in you, I recommend that you buy this report. It includes 71 pages of data and quotes about everything from getting an agent, to book PR to revenue to expect.

Some interesting tidbits from the research include:
- 96% of authors reported at least some lead generation improvement influenced by publishing a book
- 76% indicated publishing a book had at least some influence on their ability to close deals
- 83% reported at least some improvement on business with current clients as a result of publishing a book

In one of the more remarkable statistics, authors report on average several hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased indirect revenue (speaking fees and consulting income) from publishing a book above the direct revenue (royalties).

If the fascinating lessons, data, and direct quotes drawn from 200 authors in "The Business Impact of Writing a Book" doesn't get you cracking on that book you've got in you, nothing will. I only wish this overview of the benefits on my professional services business of having a book had been written before I wrote my book: then I wouldn't have procrastinated as long!

More information is here.

David Meerman Scott

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